An index based on recent research

KIX Communication Index measures communication maturity in your organization on an overall level. It is a unique and new concept for organizational development based on research and developed by researchers at Mid Sweden University.

The value of well-functioning communication

Research demonstrates that communication in an organization affects the function of leadership, employee engagement, departmental efficiency and the organization’s ability to change. Communication is also associated with the organization’s staff turnover and employee sick leave. Moreover, communication with customers and stakeholders affects the organization’s confidence and attractiveness.

Communication maturity in organizations

Communication maturity is defined as leaders’, members’ and communication professionals’ shared perceptions and use of communication in organizations.

Three types of communication affect the overall communication maturity: the organization’s internal, external and strategic communication. An organization that is mature in communication uses its communication in a strategic and professional way in accordance with research available in the field.

The communication maturity of an organization is measured by managers, employees and communication professionals answering a questionnaire with questions belonging to five areas that were developed from previous research regarding an organizations’ communication: Understanding, Function, Organization, Climate and Competence.

Develop your organization’s communication maturity

By measuring your organization’s communication maturity, you get a tool to develop your organization in the five maturity stages over time.

You can link your KIX value of communication maturity to other key performance indicators and indices that are important to your organization: for example, your organization’s quality index, satisfied employee / customer index and sustainability index, and monitor how they develop.

The research behind the KIX Communication Index

Eleven organizations from large with 100,000 employees to small with 300 employees of different types: companies, municipalities and authorities, participated in the research project funded by Mid Sweden University’s strategic development funds between 2016 and 2017. First, a qualitative interview study was conducted with key communication stakeholders in the eleven organizations concerning how communication creates value for them and what they think affects how they work with communication. Subsequently, a survey was developed that tested six possible index areas based on the interviews and internationally published research. Seven of the organizations conducted the survey between 2017 and 2018. Thereafter, all data were processed and analyzed. All participating organizations were invited to a joint workshop discussing and validating the results and then the final index with five areas and five levels of maturity was developed.

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The first article describing the qualitative part of the research project is now published in the international journal Public Relations Review.

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