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About KIX

KIX Communication Index is a unique and innovative digital tool to evaluate, benchmark and develop an organization’s communication maturity. KIX is based on research of internal, external and strategic organizations illustrating that communication is a success factor for organizations ability to reach goals, adapt to changes in the surrounding environment and take social and environmental responsibility.

With KIX you can develop communication out of your organization’s needs and maturity level. Communication maturity means that organizations have different maturity levels depending on how communication is used. The index gives a specific assessment of current maturity levels and recommendations for areas of improvement and development to adjust communication to a higher level of maturity and value.

Five index areas for KIX Communication Index

KIX evaluates communication maturity on organizational level.
The following five index areas display an organization’s communication maturity:

1. Understanding of communication

Key stakeholders understanding of communication value and function for the organization.

2. Function of communication

The overall way of working with internal and external communication, how the mission of the communication function or department is defined, and how communication is applied strategically, tactically and in practice.

3. Organization of communication

How communication work is organized, and if the work with communication issues is integrated or specialized within the organization.

4. Climate of communication

How co-workers (members, employees) communication professionals, managers and leaders contribute to a constructive communication climate by creating openness, dialogue and feedback.

5. Competence of communication

General communication competence in the organization, the educational level of key stakeholders in communication, and the need for communication training and competence development.

This is how KIX works


  • Choose the extent of the evaluation: in the entire organization, in one or more units (management, business area, department)
  • Plan and explain the KIX process in your organization so that managers and employees understand why the evaluation is implemented – the internal anchoring is important to the response rate and result of the evaluation
  • Think ahead to whom and how the results of the KIX evaluation is going to be communicated to make a difference


  • KIX is implemented through a digital survey with about 35 questions in the five areas. The questionnaire can be answered via mobile, Ipad / tablet or computer.
  • The questionnaire is answered by managers, employees and communication professionals
  • The survey takes 5-10 minutes to answer
  • The questionnaire is sent out by someone in your organization via e-mail with a link
  • You can send the survey to everyone in your organization or select one or certain parts (for example management, business area, department)


  • You get a report with the result: a total KIX value and communication maturity in the five areas
  • Recommendations for developing your organization’s communication maturity are included
  • Presentation of results and advice can be chosen as an option